Welcome To The Cosmic Post

Dear Friends:

I am coming out about my interest in astrology, psychics, and all cosmic events, to be featured in The Cosmic Post.  This blog is fueled entirely by my own passion and curiosity, and not by expertise.  I am writing as a student and seeker, and hope you will learn along with me.  If you have comments or can offer a correction to any of my views as you read, I welcome your feedback and to become part of the dialogue.

Here is the inception chart for The Cosmic Post, launched Monday, October 29 at 7:30pm EST from New York City, right in the middle of Hurricane Sandy as it touches down on the East Coast.

I hope over the coming year to aggregate some of the most interesting news and information that emerges in the news cycle, to interview some folks, and recount some of my personal exploration from the field.  If you are like me, sometimes I miss a great article or news coverage, or I find out about an exciting new author or event at a late date.  If you subscribe or follow my blog, hopefully you will get some exciting links and insights on a regular basis.  Welcome!

Best, Jason