Favorite Books about Astrology

Anthony Aveni.  Conversing With the Planets:  How Science And Myth Invented The Cosmos.  Kodansha International, 1994.
Benson Bobrick.  The Fated Sky:  Astrology in History.  Simon & Schuster, 2005.
Steven Forrest.  The Inner Sky:  The Dynamic New Astrology for Everyone.  Bantam Books, 1988.
Steven Forrest.  The Book of Pluto.  ACS Publications, 1994.
Steven Forrest.  The Changing Sky:  Creating Your Future With Transits, Progressions, and Evolutionary Astrology.  Bantam Books, 1986.
Liz Greene.  Saturn:  A New Look At An Old Devil.  Weiser Books, 1976.
Liz Greene.  Relating:  An Astrological Guide to Living With Others On A Small Planet.  Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1978.
Robert Hand.  Planets In Transit.  Whitford Press, 1976.
Julia and Derek Parker.  Parker’s Astrology.  DK Publishing, 1991.
Robert Pelletier.  Planets In Aspect.  Whitford Press, 1974.
Joan Quigley.  “What Does Joan Say?”  A Birch Lane Press Book, 1990.
Howard Sasportas.  The Twelve Houses.  Biddles Ltd, 1985.
Dava Sobel.  The Planets.  Viking, 2005.
Richard Tarnas.  The Passion of the Western Mind:  Understanding The Ideas That Have Shaped Our World View.  Ballantine Books, 1993.
Tiziano Terzani.  A Fortune Teller Told Me:  Earthbound Travels In The Far East.  HarperCollins Publishers, 1997.

Favorite Books about Psychics and Mediums

Sonia Choquette.  Diary of a Psychic:  Shattering the Myths.  Hay House, 2003.
John Edward.  Crossing Over:  The Stories Behind The Stories.  Jodere Group, 2001.
Terry Iacuzzo.  Small Mediums At Large.  G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2004.
Jean Porche and Deborah Vaughan.   Psychics and Mediums in Canada.  The Dundurn Group, 2005.
James van Praagh.  Talking To Heaven:  A Medium’s Message Of Life After Death.  Signet, 1999.

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